Kenai River Species

Middle Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

Majestic, beautiful, and hard fighting, Kenai River Rainbow Trout are some of the most rewarding catches you’ll make on your trip to Alaska.  Each year these Rainbow Trout grow to impressive sizes as they feed on the flesh and eggs of spawning Salmon.  Kenai River fly fishing is amongst some of the best in the world and Perry is the Kenai River Guide to help you catch the rainbow of your dreams. Kenai River Trout are a fantastic experience that anglers around the world dream about. Come catch yours on your Alaska Fishing Trip today with a knowledgable Kenai River Guide.

Kenai River Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Pound for pound, Sockeye Salmon are some of the most exciting fish to catch on the Kenai River. Sockeye fishing is generally with a fly rod executing what is locally known as the “Kenai Flip”.  We will teach you this method and then stand ready with the net. Kenai Salmon fishing is a fight, once you hook a Sockeye, be ready for a thrilling battle. These guys aren’t as sizable as King Salmon, but any good Kenai River Guides won’t discount their ferocity and how fun they are to catch.  When you choose a Kenai River Fishing Guide to make sure they know the best spots and tips to catch the Sockeyes.

Kenai River King Salmon

King Salmon

Home to the world’s largest Salmon, Kenai River King Salmon fishing is an experience like no other.  Each year thousands of King Salmon enter the Kenai River, making it the ideal destination for big game fishing.  Hooking one of these massive fish is an art and our Kenai River fishing charters can help you catch your very own Mighty King! Who knows, you might even break the world record King Salmon at 97 lb. These massive fish will spend 5 or more years in the Ocean feeding and grow, before returning to the Kenai River resulting in massive fish. A great catch for any Alaska fishing trip.

The Kenai River

At the heart of Alaska fly fishing is the Kenai River. Unique in its beauty and abundance of record-setting fish, the Kenai River is quite possibly the world’s best and most accessible location for Salmon and Trout fishing. Beginning its journey from the Kenai Peninsula glaciers, the stunning turquoise waters meander from Kenai Lake down to the Cook Inlet near the small city of Kenai.  The Kenai River is made up of three distinct sections, each with its own unique characteristics and opportunities for world-class fishing with an experienced Kenai River Fishing Guide.  Just a short distance from Anchorage, the Kenai River is easy to access, making it the best sport fishing and angler vacation destination on earth.  Whether you’re looking for Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Silver Salmon or a trophy Rainbow Trout, the Kenai River will not disappoint. Your Kenai fishing guide will provide you with the best gear, advice, and a great spot for catching your Kenai River Salmon or Trout.

The Kenai River Guide’s Office

Upper Kenai

Drift only paradise

Between Kenai Lake and Skilak Lake is approximately 17 miles known as the “Upper Kenai”.  This section is drift only, making it the most peaceful and serene location on the entire river.   A fly fisherman’s paradise, this section of the river is where you’ll find Rainbow Trout and even Dolly Varden. Additionally, where the world-renowned Russian River meets the Upper Kenai, you’ll find what some consider the most famous salmon fishing location in the world. Though in recent years, we have had increasingly more success in catching larger Rainbow Trout in the Middle River, the Upper Kenai remains popular with drifters and fly fishermen.

Fishing in the Fog on the Middle Kenai River

Middle Kenai

Anglers Hotspot

The “Middle Kenai” section of the river is the section that flows from Skilak Lake through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  As the river widens and the gradient decreases, the fish get bigger!  With large sections of the Middle Kenai running through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, you’ll get the opportunity to view spectacular wildlife in addition to catching the fish of a lifetime.  Nearly a million salmon return to this area each year to spawn.  You’ll find Sockeye, Silvers, Pinks and Kings here.  As this section of the river changes throughout the season, we know exactly where to go for your best chance at catching the monster Trout or Salmon you’ve always wanted.

Lower Kenai River Boardwalk

Lower Kenai

King Fishing Experience

The “Lower Kenai” section of the river begins at the Soldotna Bridge and continues west about 20 miles until it empties into the Cook Inlet.  Power boats are allowed here, and it can get busy during the fishing season, but there’s good reason for that.  This stretch of the Kenai River is where you will see most of the Alaska salmon fishing guides.  Depending on the time of year, you may catch fish anywhere from 30 to 70 pounds.  We keep a close watch on the tides and runs to ensure you’re hitting the Lower Kenai at the perfect time for some memorable and exciting days on the river.

Kenai River Guide

When you choose Perry Corsetti as your Kenai River guide service, you’re choosing experience and expertise.  We’ve been fishing Alaska for over 20 years.  We understand when, where, and how to get exactly what you’re looking for,  sending you home with great and lasting memories.  Unlike other larger Kenai Fishing guides and lodges, we offer a smaller and more customizable approach for your once in a lifetime angler adventure.

No matter the type of fish or the location on the river you’d like to visit, we can put together an itinerary that will ensure you have a safe, fun and exciting time catching the magnificent Salmon and Trout the Kenai River has to offer.

The Kenai River is a very special place, and we look forward to being your fly fishing guide as you explore it’s beauty.  Contact us today to plan your visit to Alaska!

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Perry is a Kenai River Guide Academy and Alaska Fish and Game-certified guide. In Alaska fishing charter terms, this means he has demonstrated knowledge in the Kenai River Fishery. Fishing for Alaska Trout and Salmon is second nature to Perry and he is a natural teacher, the key component to a great Kenai Fishing Guide. So give him a call book your Kenai River charter today.

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